Top 3 React Native Navigation Modules – My Favorites

Navigation has always been an issue when developing mobile apps in React Native. My colleagues and I have worked with most of the modules and here are the ones that I think are better than the others.

  1. React Navigation – This one is my favorite. Not only it’s very robust but also requires minimum setup and headache. It has a StackNavigator, TabNavigator and a DrawerNavigator. StackNavigator case scenario: you have a timeline screen with a list of posts, and you want users to be able to navigate to each post’s page and be able to go back. Assuming you have TimelineScreen and PostScreen components, your code would look like this:
    import {
    } from 'react-navigation';
    const BasicApp = StackNavigator({
      Timeline: {screen: TimelineScreen},
      Post: {screen: PostScreen},
    Router File

    More code examples on

  2. React Native Navigation – Another great navigation module made by developers at Wix, the famous online website building platform.  Find more information at
  3. React Native Router Flux – Although, In my opinion, the other two navigation modules are better and have more features than react-native-router-flux, it can still be considered a solid and mature solution. Find more information at

These are my personal favorites when it comes to choosing a router for my react native project. Whichever you choose, make sure it is up to date, has a strong community, is relatively mature and works great both on Android and IOS!

Have fun.