Schneider Outdoor – Legendary gear for adventurers

As an E-commerce manager at Schneider Outdoor, we took a careful look at the entire online process. We focused on online marketing, design, technology & marketplaces.

The founder of this company needed an expert who could take care of their online activities. Their webshop is continuously growing every year, and the tasks became more intricate.

Schneider Outdoor needed an E-commerce manager with a personal approach who was able to communicate fast and act quickly.

Our E-commerce manager became responsible for the communication with the marketing and IT company. Together we made a plan of action.

In collaboration with our programmers, internet marketers and external parties, we appreciated working with Schneider Outdoor on this project.


Empire-bv the Netherlands / Germany

We helped the company Empire-bv with the right WooCommerce solution. Their goal was to extend their success from the Netherlands to Germany. Empire-bv was looking for a jack-of-all-trades who was able to guide the company through the complete E-commerce process.

For this customer, we have developed both a Dutch and German website. Initially, we needed to conduct market research in Germany. Moreover, Argiweb’s team provided the data entry and translated all products from English to Dutch and German. Finally, we have taken responsibility for digital marketing activities.

This project was a great challenge for us, which we were able to complete successfully.


Restaurant Uma

We also helped Restaurant Uma with a brand new WordPress website. Before they teamed up with us, Uma Restaurant did not have a reservation module and analytics. Also, the website was not available for mobile use.

We mainly worked remotely with Restaurant Uma. Because they had chosen our Traffic Boost package. We performed a complete SEO optimization for the website.

By implementing our Traffic Boost SEO optimization, Google Analytics had shown us a significant increase in organic ranking.

Just like our customer, we were pleased with the results!


Content Creators

Our content creators are true all-rounders who are organized, analytical and disciplined in addition to being creative. Successful content is the key to high-scoring websites.

Our content creators produce material tailored to the interests and challenges of a specific target group.

The content our content creators produce takes many forms including blog posts, videos and photos. Our content creators will ensure that potential customers will take action on your website or webshop